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Professional Services

Translations, Editing and Proofreading of texts in both English and Spanish

Translations into proper (localized) English for legal markets in the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada, South Africa, etc.

Translations/Localization in neutral Spanish, Hispanic (USA) Spanish, Castillian Spanish (Spain), Latin American (LATAM) Spanish, or Spanish localized to specific zones (Caribbean, River Plate, etc.), or to specific countries (Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Peru, etc.)


specializes in the translation of:

  • Start-up Documentation (by-laws, charters, papers for government agencies, etc.)
  • Banking Documentation (mortgage, loans, credit cards, etc.)
  • Powers of Attorney - Contracts - Court Transcripts - Wills and Testaments - Deeds
  • Public and Private Tenders
  • Patents
  • Personal Papers
  • (birth, marriage and death certificates, passports, immigration papers, police records, alimony and support documentation, deportation orders, etc.)
  • Corporate Documentation
  • (balance sheets, quarterly/annual financial reports, auditor's reports, Chapter Eleven and bankruptcy papers, due diligence documentation, financials and accounting, etc.)

Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires

International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters

American Bar